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What we do

Founded in 2016, our common goal is to organize the renowned University of Münster Case Challenge annually. To achieve our goal and to structure our ways of working, we have implemented six divisions: Finance, External, Case Writing, Logistics, Marketing & IT and Internal. New members have some time to get to know the club, and then join a division.

Besides that, we strive to expand the case culture at the University of Münster by offering our members workshops, case trainings and the participation at international case competitions.

How you can benefit

We offer our members the chance to participate at international and national case competitions, encourage case solving and presenting in front of our members, organize workshops to improve presentation skills and create social events to get to know each other. 

Additionally, our members help organizing the University of Münster Case Challenge, with the chance to watch the best international case teams compete, get in touch with our partners and be part of this enriching event.

Apply now to become a member!

Everybody is encouraged to apply, prior case competition experience is not required! 

The Application is Now Open!

The application to become a member is open from October 6th until October 29th (23:59). 

Every applicant will have a short interview either on Thursday (2.11), Friday (3.11) or Saturday (4.11)In this informal interview we would like to get to know you and your motivation to join our club. You can select a preferred time slot and we will try to give you a spot within that time frame.

We will send out invitations to join the University of Münster Case Club on Monday or Tuesday after the interviews. 

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