Forward Thinkers.
Future Leaders.
Team Players.

We are a group of case enthusiasts. With our passion for case studies, we established the University of Münster Case Club as a student initiative in August 2016. Our common goal is to unite students from all over the world at our University in an annual Case Challenge.

To achieve this goal effectively, we split our tasks into five divisions:

Executive Committee: 
Our Executive Committee coordinates the Club. It connects the divisions and ensures that the club stays true to its mission and values.

Marketing & IT: 
Our experts in Marketing & IT manage the Club’s appearance on social media and its technical infrastructure. They build our brand and communicate our values.

Our Participants coordinators ensure that all attendees feel welcome from the start of their journey until the very finish line. They support the participating teams to be their best selves.

Event & Logistics:
Our experts in Event & Logistics take care of all event details. They take the long view to ensure our Case Challenges become unforgettable.

Sponsoring & Finance: 
Our Sponsoring & Finance division ensures a financially solid basis. They partner up with our sponsors, giving our Case Club the chance to grow consistently.


Further, we strive to expand our personal competencies in case studies. We therefore offer training for presentations, analyze case studies ourselves, present them in front of other club members, and give each other feedback. Thereby, our members learn to apply their theoretical knowledge in real-life business situations.

Case Club members have participated here

Hereby, we would like to thank our faculty, and especially the Chair of International Accounting and the Chair of Management Accounting and Control. Thank you for making these experiences possible and sharing our passion for case studies.

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