Challenge our participants and yourself

As a judge at the University of Münster Case Challenge, you critically assess the participants’ presentations. With your unique background, experience, and perspective you can determine who deserves to be the winner of our competition.

Your benefits

Promote yourself and your company to those involved in the challenge – be it from Münster, Germany or around the globe. Find out first-hand about the participants’ qualities and their individual strengths. Strengthen the partnership between your company and the University of Münster. Network with other regional and nationwide business executives.

Your Role

Prior to presentation: Upon arrival at the Case Challenge venue, you meet your fellow judges. In due time before the presentations start, you receive detailed information on the case, its background, and the scoring criteria.

During presentation: You engage in your role by assuming the role of a senior manager or chief executive of the company mentioned in the case. At the same time, you assess the quality of the pitch and asking demanding questions.

After presentation: Alongside with your fellow judges, you provide each team with structured and constructive feedback. You join the other judges in awarding points to the participating teams, thus helping the best team win the palm.

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