Every Day and with Passion, we create a collaborative environment to promote enthusiasm for global business challenges and to foster networking among students.
Every Year and in Unity, we challenge the smartest and most ambitioned business students to develop innovative and applicable proposals for real-life business cases.
One Day and with lasting Impact, we will host Europe’s most prestigious case competition shaping the future – of our guests and ourselves.


A contagious desire, an inner drive, and a passion for case studies is what we share among each committee member. As we are truly convinced that the case study approach is the best way to prepare business students for the challenges of future leadership, we passionately spread the word about it. We fully devote our skills, time, and effort to create a collaborative environment and networking platform for those that share our passion.


Two heads are better than one: Building a trustful, enjoyable, and strongly bonded relationship allows great ideas to emerge in a powerful, profound and efficient way. As the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, individuals combine their unique talents in groups, resulting in more efficient solutions. To us, collaboration among participants is essential to peak a team’s performance. Therefore, we are convinced that there is only one way to experience the UMCC – in unity.


With our annual Case Challenge, we aspire real, long-lasting change for our participants and partners, the University of Münster, and ourselves. By gaining additional experiences each year, we strive to build a prospering case study culture among students and faculty. We enhance career networks and sustainable business relationships for our participants and partners. Our event connects diverse competences, perspectives, and cultures. Thereby, we boost business students’ professional and personal development with lasting impact.

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