The digital UMCC 20.20

The corona virus forces the whole world to change and adapt.

This year again, we were excited to meet all the international participants and judges in person.
Unfortunately, the feasability of such an event would be uncertain, at least.

Which is why we would like to announce that this year’s case challenge will be held online.
We are eagerly working on again providing a rich experience for everybody, against all hindrances.

Expect a great time as one of 16 participating teams!

How to take part

The application window will stay open until the 30th of June.

After taking a few days to review all applications, we will contact you on the 3rd of July to confirm or deny your participation.


Each team will consist of four students: one team leader and three team members.
You may have an additional coach for guidance.
Your team members may be 28 years old, at most.
There is no participation fee.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us at

Application form

Want more information about last year's Case Challenge?

Meet the teams of UMCC 2019

This year’s teams will be announced once the application phase has finished and the teams are decided upon.

Last year, we once again had a very international lineup.
Take a glimpse!

Last year's sponsors

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