First steps

The University of Münster Case Challenge 2017, the first international case competition at the University of Münster, has concluded. The winner is the

American University of Beirut (AUB)

which clinched the win in a race as close as it gets ahead of Chulalongkorn Business SchoolThe AUB will therefore go down in the UMCC’s history book as its first titleholder and will, hopefully, return for the Case Challenge 2018 to defend its title. Every single team, not only the finalists, displayed profound understanding of case studying and received benevolent feedback from the jury board. Every single team added another facet to the canvas we painted at the UMCC 2017 and which would have been just a little less colorful without each of them.

We would therefore also like to thank:

  • Universidad Panamericana
  • Concordia University/JMSB
  • University of Belgrade
  • HEC Montréal
  • University of Navarra
  • Cork University Business School

for their contribution and good spirit until the very end.

The Present

Led by our Chairwoman Isabel Kreie, we’ve embarked on a wonderful journey over this Case Challenge.
On day one, you met each other and us for the first time. You were keen on getting to know all those different cultures – and even if you weren’t: we gave you no choice by splitting you apart and mixing you up.
On day two, you immersed into Münster’s past, some of which is sinister and most of which is extraordinary. Our student city welcomed you with the best weather it had had in weeks – yes, really.
On day three, you left steady ground to celebrate yourselves by sea – and celebrate you did, many of you keeping up until dawn. You’re partying prowess truly is on par with your consulting capabilities.

Three days to be remembered.

The Past

“Five years ago, we had this thought for the first time: Host an international case comp here at our University. It seemed a bit crazy back then, there was no kind of breeding ground for that”, says Matthias Nienaber, one of the UMCC’s founding fathers. He and his colleague Kai Schaumann had to knock on many doors, convince a lot of people, and put in thousands of working hours to make it happen. Then, when the Case Club set sail, they decided to give the chairman’s position away. Why? “It’s a student initiative and it should be led by a one. We always meant to move away from the driver’s seat and let our students handle it. We trust them – after all, it’s us who trained them”, explains Kai with a grin. So what did it feel like to witness the actual Case Challenge happen, after so many years? “I might sound cheesy”, says Matthias. “But like a dream come true.”

The Future

Is that it then until next year? No. Besides our flagship, the Case Challenge, we are developing new ideas to establish case studying at the University of Münster further. To everyone who is involved with our beautiful university that means: Stay tuned for new projects to be announced in a timely manner. To everyone who isn’t, to all our partners and guests: We’re excited to meet you (again) at the

Case Challenge 2018


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